#370, 233 West 1st Street

North Vancouver BC, V7M1B3

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

It is the Welcome Message of the Principal:

Welcome to the VANDA Canadian School. We are very proud and highly honored of being the first Iranian- Canadian school in Greater Vancouver that will be launched in September 2021, which has successfully managed a licensed Iranian school since 2013. We have been working closely with families to determine their concerns and expectations from an educational system. Now, we are glad to start a Canadian school in the upcoming year that meets the expectations of the Iranian community. For the 2021-2022 academic year, we will be enrolling students in grades 8 to 10, but our ultimate goal is to expand our grades in the upcoming years.
Our school is committed to providing a learning environment that allows students to develop and improve intellectually, physically, socially, and morally, making them confident and ready for their experiences in universities, colleges, or workplaces. At VANDA school, we aim to thoroughly engage our students in a way that reflects our high expectations to meet global standards in academic, social, and emotional development. To ensure students achieve their academic and workplace goals, VANDA school also strives to maintain a safe, caring, and supportive school learning environment.
We believe students’ success depends on a collaboration between our teachers and VANDA families. We have experienced the amazing results of this collaborative effort reflected in our Iranian school during the last few years. We hope that our Canadian newborn school also benefits from your valuable thoughts and supports in our continued collaboration.