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#370, 233 West 1st Street

North Vancouver BC, V7M 1B3

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Our Values

Our Mission

• To provide our graduates with an excellent educational foundation that will enable them to gain admission to and prosper at the post-secondary of their choice and will prepare them for their future endeavors
• To promote academic, social, and emotional growth among our students and school community
• To provide a safe and supportive setting in which our students can explore their values and become independent, while simultaneously recognizing and avoiding prejudices based on gender, race, religion, mental ability, etc.
• To collaborate with families in creating relevant learning opportunities for students that will help them develop critical thinking and technical skills

Our Vision

• To create positive connections with students that will enable them to gain academic knowledge as well as independence and confidence
• To foster student responsibility and critical thinking skills to create real and tangible changes in the world today.
• To help students become responsible citizens, who are ready to face the challenges of the future
• To provide a student-centered education that will encourage all students to reach their full potential

Our Values

We are a student-centered school committed to the successful development of our students and communities. Vanda School instills integrity, respect, perseverance, excellence, resilience, diversity, curiosity, and inclusion values in all members of our family.

Our Goals

Vanda School benefits students by encouraging independent thinking and self-directed learning in a student-centered environment, fostering high achievement and academic excellence, educating them within a values-based setting, providing learning experiences that develop life skills, promoting self-discipline, and preparing youngsters for success in life, effective problem solving, perseverance and concentration. We are helping students build a portfolio of educational experiences that will highlight their strengths and help provide direction for further learning.

Core Beliefs

We believe that each student has special worth and should be honored since they are all gifted and can learn. We also believe in collaboration within our community as communication among students, parents, teachers and the community promotes positive and meaningful changes in our school. Our teachers nurture and challenge all students and use multiple approaches to engage students to learn and promote achievement through their critical thinking. We bring the community into the schools through well-designed volunteer programs, mentoring, and combining school with a selection of cultural and social service activities.