#370, 233 West 1st Street

North Vancouver BC, V7M1B3

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

About Us

VANDA Canadian School

It is centrally located in Lower Lonsdale city of North Vancouver. VANDA CANADIAN SCHOOL will start its educational year from September 2021 with grades 8 to 10 and will be adding Grade 7 and 11 in 2022 as we grow yearly up to all grades. VANDA has re-imagined the modern school system with high-level academic learning within an all-inclusive Arts and Sports environment focused on connection and development.

Our Vision

• To create positive connections with students that will enable them to gain academic knowledge as well as independence and confidence
• To prepare students for the constantly changing world through taught values of honesty, perseverance, and compassion that build upon their critical thinking skills
• To help students become responsible citizens, who are ready to face the challenges of the future
• To provide a student-centered education that will encourage our students to reach their full potential

Our Mission

• To provide our graduates with an excellent educational foundation that will enable them to gain admission in and prosper at the university or college of their choice and will prepare them for their future endeavors
• To promote academic, social, and emotional growth among our students and school community
• To provide a safe and supportive setting in which our students can explore their values and become independent, while simultaneously recognizing and avoiding prejudices based on gender, race, religion, mental ability, etc.
• To collaborate with families in creating relevant learning opportunities for students that will help them develop critical thinking and technical skills


This school has been established with the support of 25 years of experience in school management in Iran and about 10 years of experience in running an official Iranian school in Vancouver with the following goals:

Reduce the stress of entering the Canadian education system, especially for newcomers
Considering the expectations of the Iranian society with more emphasis on academic education along with teaching individual social skills
Preserving Iranian cultural values in the new generation of immigrants alongside teaching positive Canadian values
Reduce parents’ worries about culture shock to their children
Possibility of studying simultaneously in both Canadian and Iranian educational systems by substituting Persian courses instead of elective courses

Core Beliefs

We believe that each student has special worth and should be honored since they are all gifted and can learn. We also believe in collaboration within our community as communication among students, parents, teachers and the community promotes positive and meaningful changes in our school. Our teachers nurture and challenge all students and use multiple approaches to engage students to learn and promote achievement through their critical thinking. We bring the community into the schools through well-designed volunteer programs, mentoring, and combining school with a selection of cultural and social service activities.