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#370, 233 West 1st Street

North Vancouver BC, V7M 1B3

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday


Saturday and Sunday

Grade 4- 9

Grade 4- 9

Vanda Canadian School offers students from Grade 4 to Grade 9 a state-of-the-art classical education. The school adheres to the standards set by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. The school’s approach to education emphasizes quality in Literature, Languages, Social Science and Art, along with a thorough grounding in basic skills including Advanced Math and Science. Resources used and methods employed are those which have been proven to achieve the greatest results for the students. Students in Vanda School will engage remarkably with professionals in the community through their studying.
Students will learn English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physical and Health Education, Career Education, Skills and Technologies, Applied Design, and an Arts Education elective. Students will have a choice of studying Farsi, French or Mandarin in Vanda Canadian School as a second language. Our respectful teachers and parents, who are valued partners in children’s education, cooperate to create the climate of safety, prosperity, professionalism and mutual respect necessary for lifelong learning. Our exceptional programs make our students capable of continued development in their individual potentials that will allow them to meet the future as good citizens and effective members of our society.